Provider Heal
  • Poorer Quality of Care
  • Patient Dissatisfaction
  • Increased Medical Errors
  • Lawsuits
  • Decreased Ability to Express Empathy
  • Substance Abuse
  • Automobile Accidents
  • Stress-related Health Disorders
  • Marital and Family Discord

                      Krasner MS; Epstein RM; Beckman H, et al.  Association of n Educational Program in Mindful Communication with Burnout,            Empathy, and Attitudes Among Primary Care Physicians. JAMA.  2009;302(12): 1284.


The Risks:

"Over the past decade, nurses have consistently reported the highest levels of job stress of all healthcare professionals."

"Numerous global studies involving nearly every medical and surgical specialty indicate that approximately 1 in every 3 physicians is experiencing burnout at any given time."

Shanafelt TD. Enhancing Meaning in Work: A prescription for Preventing Physician Burnout and Promoting Patient-Centered Care. JAMA. 2009; Vol 302, No 12, pg 1338- 1340.

Dentists are prone to "professional burnout, anxiety disorders and clinical depression, owing to the nature of clinical practice and the personality traits common among those who decide to pursue careers in dentistry."

Rada RE, Johnson-Leong C. Stress, burnout, anxiety and depression among dentists. JADA 2004; Vol. 135, pg 788